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Second review :DD

Greenwich theatre; The wardrobe.


The play is all about moments through history, not the biggest ones but a good few. It depicts the life of a wardrobe which is present in a lot of moments throughout history to rather use during history but some historic people during historic moments of the past until now where it is held at a museum. The play see’s the journey of this wardrobe with a 5-15 minute snapshot of each owner of the wardrobes life.

This play was enjoyable and slightly unexpected. Although at some points is did feel like more of a history lesson than anything however I did like the stage direction and the use of live instruments (the clarinet)  for their transitions. It was funny at parts and had a well written script. The groups technical ability was great and they worked well together knew their cues and entertained the whole audience. There were laughs and applauses all round.

I do not however believe they as a group thought outside the box in presenting their play, it was very much scene after scene after scene instead of a story being told. This was the journey of a wardrobe encountered by many but I felt more it was just a wardrobe that ‘coincidently’ happened to be around many historic moments. So many events took place but there was never really a link between each one or at least a background as to how they attained the wardrobe. Some references were made but not enough to fully understand the concept of this play.

Though entertaining it wasn’t a piece that I’d go see again or which truly captured the audience I think…or at least me anyway.

Well executed but way more could’ve been done. There was quite a bit of confusion for some scenes as was told by the certain audience member’s facial expressions but nevertheless it was well done.

I do believe more could’ve been done with the costume, yes simple was good especially to fit with the stage, thus creating emphasis on the characters. But this still could’ve been played with, I think it would have been better had they added a staple for each character which the audience could remember them by or at least to showcase the personality of that character. Many more improvements could be made but the simplicity made it unique and special.

Overall for an amateur play I feel the audience had a good time and a nice atmosphere was created through it.

My review :D

The Broadway; Advice for the young at heart.

Friday 31st January, 2014 7.30pm

When viewing this play I decided to focus on the costume design since that was my chosen art challenge for my award though I still took into account the acting set design, lighting and so on.

This play was about a girl who’s grandfather recently died but she kept imagining him in her mind days before his funeral once she’d recently found it he used to protest against blacks during the fifty’s alongside his brother, despite the fact her grandmother was black. In her mind he’s try to reason with her, but it seemed a lost cause especially as she viewed all the events that took place between him and his brother which opened her eyes for the worst meaning she no longer thought so good of him. Aside from that she also managed to get herself into trouble by dating the wrong guy who obviously didn’t care about her after allowing his mates to rape her. With all these problems she’s lost, not to mention the fact that her boyfriend now wants to kill her best friend because he insulted his favourite football team. With this entire goings on it’s a wonder she can trust anyone except for the fact that now all faith has been lost in her granddad. Nevertheless she has her best friend, right? Or maybe he’ll turn away once he finds out what’s really going to happen when he see’s her.

Overall I felt this play was rather enjoyable and in fact relatable especially to the age group/ ethnicity of the audience. This is because it touched on some big issues in society such as rape, racism and crime. Not only did the play represent topics on today’s society but it showed the severity of such issues in the 50’s with use of the ever so great technique of flashbacks. A complete juxtaposition was shown which furthered our understanding.

The set was simple; two cardboard walls, a makeshift brick fence and a path. Each transition was smooth and a distinct sound for each scene making it easier to differentiate between the scenes of 2014 and those of 1950. Not to mention the difference in costume was a big help. Except for the fact that the granddad wore pretty much the same thing even though there were slight changes in what he was wearing for the 2014 scenes in the lead’s mind.

                        With four actors 2 played the brother and granddad whilst the other two were the lead female and the best friend. In the 50’s scenes the male actors wore long suits, braces, smart shoes and a waistcoat/ blazer with gelled hair.

This is the ultimate male 50’s look so it made it easy for us the audience to depict what year the scene was set. It was great to see there 50’s scenes as the play we as a group had decided on had a 50’s influence in the costume which gave me a good idea as to what I could design.

Furthermore the little mannerisms the characters of the 50’s scenes had were very helpful and useful for me when I were to act as I was able to observe every little behavior then proceed to not to the same but produce something similar to keep within the 50’s scene.

Unfortunately with this play there was only one female and she at no point wore a 50’s outfit so it meant I had a little more research to do within that aspect in order to create female outfits since our group has more female actors.

This play was rather useful and even more so was being able to question the actors at the end. This gave us a further insight into the concept of the actors, how they prepare themselves and the set design as well as any other budding questions we had such as how to get into the industry. I was able to ask about the set and whether or not some parts were meant only for the 50’s scenes and others for those set in 2014. It seems not necessarily although it did help when navigating across the stage and setting the scene thus creating more imagery for the audience other than just sound effects.

Above all this play was truly believable and I know that some members of the audience were even in tears or getting involved with chants even though they didn’t require audience participation. The play had us all enthralled and questioning our daily lives as well as the other goings on in the world. This play was exciting, fun and definitely a great night out!

Exams, exams and oh more exams!!!

  • Me:

    Hey Government, was just wandering you mind banishing maybe all exams?! Or ya know at least change the goddamn system??? We're all dying here- Literally

  • Government:

    Nah, lets not instead we're just gonna make you do all your exams in one month starting from next year! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Cannot believe this...I am literally pulling my hair out guys anyone else feeling the pain???

  • Had chemistry (no i failed haha) then critical thinking (that went ok tho)

  • 7 down and 3 to go!

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